The Tourist Bedroom (dormitory)

The dormitory in Perushtitsa is maintained and managed by the tourist Association "Varhovrah”. Located in the center of Perushtitsa, it has 2 apartments and rooms with 4, 5 or more beds, bathrooms and a restaurant on the same floor. The same goes for cabin "Varhovrah". In 2013 the tourist association "Varhovrah" applied for the State Fund "Agriculture" under Measure 313 - "Encouragement of tourism activities" of the Program of Rural Development (2007-2013), with the project: "Overhaul, reconstruction and modernization of Dormitory - in “Perushtitsa”.

Tourist Association "Varhovrah" was established in 1960, when on 23 May enthusiastic perushians held the first hiking and climbing of Mount Varhovrah - 1683 m. in the Rhodope Mountain. The decision to call the association "Varhovrah" was unanimous. Today, it counts of 130 members of all ages. It is listed in the register of non-profit organizations, it operates for the public interest and is one of the active units of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.

The main objectives of tourist Association "Varhovrah" are:   
•    Practicing tourism aimed at the promotion of health, development of knowledge and education.
•    Developing and promoting various forms of tourism, mountaineering and other tourist activities.
•    Stimulating tourist orientation, mountaineering and developments in the sports in the tourism area.

Together with the municipality of Perushtitsa, which adopted tourism as a priority of the future social and economic development, tourist association "Varhovrah" works to maintain the traditions and the introduction of new forms of rural, cultural, historical and wine tourism. In partnership with the History Museum the Community center, RPK "Success" and other local business, the association shall prepare a draft for a tourist destination Perushtitsa - Varhovrah that will contribute to the revelation and display of rich cultural and historical heritage and natural wealth and it will promote the local viticulture and winemaking, it will meet the needs of the local community by revitalizing the economy, modernization and personal prosperity. Over the years, tourist association "Varhovrah" participated in all national and regional tourist events, marches and gatherings, it organizes local tourist excursions to historic sites and in the event of an anniversary of memorable events in the history of Perushtitsa. The association is proud with its received awards from SIP. There are 6 honored figures and 38 Valedictorian of SIP. Every summer, in the beginning of August - the month of tourism in the vicinity of Mount Varhovrah, a Regional Fair is held with participation of tourist, singer and dance groups. Since 1980 the Society has established a ladies singing group, which even to this day, promotes the tourist tracks.