The first trail - "The Monastery"
The route is approximately 16 km long. The trail passes through the Historical Museum, the Danov School, Kalugerski threshing floor (Tabiite) as well as the monument Kocho Chestemenski and goes all the way to the monastery of St. Todor and surrounding meadows. It continues towards the old stone fountain in the protected area "Peristitsa". A Roman stone path leads to the chapel "St. Petka ", after which it returns to the town. The tourist trail is interesting in itself because of the natural attractions through which it passes. Throughout the route, tourists will have the opportunity to learn about the biodiversity of the protected area "Peristitsa”. Typical for this area are red storks which nest in these areas, an interesting look on fauna is presented by the unique mountain endenmit – Rhodope haberlea, a protected relict species, also known as the Orpheus plant. Arround "St. Petka "in the Perushtinian River the authentic ritual" Kapanki” is carried out.

Second trail - "On the path of heroes”
The route is approximately 16 km long. The trail passes through the Historical Museum, The Danov School, and the Monument of three generations and reaches the area Genishen. After which it reaches the spacious meadow - Leshtenska. From Leshtenska meadow the trail goes down to the lake "Batten" and returns back to Perushtitsa.

Third trail - "Young Scouts"
The route is approximately 8 km long. It passes through the Historical Museum, The Danov School and reaches the lake "Batten" after which it returns back on the same path. On the shore of the miniature dam, there is a building that is municipal property, which could be used for storage of boats, tents and other necessary attributes needed for a tourists stay. The wide meadows around the dam allow for the organization of sports tournaments, scout camps and bird watching, which are numerous in this area. There is a space especially built for making traditional Perushtitsa "rye" bred – a dish unique for its taste it attracts the attention of Bulgarian and foreign tourists.